At Sama, my passion lies in easing pain and releasing restrictions. Although every massage will encourage relaxation and rejuvenation, your experience at Sama will almost always incorporate deeper techniques to increase your range of motion and decrease your pain. The modalities I employ are designed to encourage recovery from injuries, the management or elimination of chronic pain, and stress reduction. After years of living with chronic pain, I understand first hand its debilitating impact on your overall health and well-being. It is my hope that we can work together to promote ease of movement and peace of mind. 

Myofascial Release: MFR uses long, deep, sustained strokes to gently elongate and stretch the fascia, or connective tissue, that encases your muscles. This modality is typically performed without the use of any oils or cremes in order to move and stretch the fascia instead of gliding over the surface of the skin.

Deep Tissue: Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure to penetrate deeply into the bellies of your muscles to release those long-standing knots, adhesions, and tension. This modality is performed with the use of a small amount of creme to create a deep and focused glide across your skin while affecting the deep layers of muscle tissue.

Conditions I work with: Many clients come to Sama looking for relief from bodily discomfort and pain. This can range from general muscle tightness from sitting at a desk too more specific injuries or conditions. I have had a lot of success working with whiplash, rotator cuff injuries, chronic pain conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, piriformis syndrome, trigger points, knots, headaches, and back pain. If you are unsure if your condition is something I can work with, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.

Are you interested to hear how these modalities play out in a typical session?

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Session and Package Rates

1 session

  • 60 min…………..$90
  • 75 min…………..$110
  • 90 min………….$130
  • 120 min…………$170

3 session package

  • 60 min………….$255
  • 75 min…………..$310
  • 90 min………….$360
  • 120 min…………$480

6 session package

  • 60 min………….$480
  • 75 min…………..$600
  • 90 min………….$700
  • 120 min…………$940

A 75 or 90 minute session is recommended for your first visit. This will ensure we have ample time to explore and understand what is going on in your body and give you the most effective treatment. Your first session is always 20% off. Just follow this link if it’s your first time here. If you’ve never had a massage, give this blog post a read so you have an idea of what to expect. If you’re a massage pro, check out these tips on how to increase your receiving skills.

Referral Policy: For any client who completes a massage and uses your name as a referral, you will receive $10 off your next massage or package. There is no limit, but this cannot be combined with any other offer.

Cancellation Policy: By booking, you authorize Sama Therapeutics to charge your credit card a no-show fee of up to 100% of the scheduled value should you miss your visit without giving 24 hours notice.

For same day booking, or if you run into any snags during the booking process, please email me directly at adam@samamassages.com.

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